Food Lovers, Pay Attention to These Things If You Are About to Eat Steak!

CNN Indonesia, Jakarta– Not only pasta, but steak is also one of Western-style cuisine that becomes people’s favorite. Chewy and juicy to please food lovers.

Steak is usually paired with fried potatoes or mashed potatoes. It’s quite fun and healthy since there are vegetables as one of its side dishes.

Before steaks are served at the table, there are a few things to note. Starting from the cut of meat to the level of maturity will determine the deliciousness of the steak.


1. Choose the type of meat cuts

Types of cuts of meat are not only a matter of location but also the meat’s character. There are four types of cuts that are popular, commonly called “primary” cut.

Ribeye is a cut which placed around ribs. The texture is smoother and more flavorful. Culinary observer Kevindra Soemantri said rib eye has a juicy character.

“It has ribs and has an eye-shaped, so it’s called rib eyes. Meat that sticks to the bones always has a juicy character,” he said in Steak Hotel by HOLYCOW!, Central Jakarta, some time ago.

Next is sirloin which is the most preferred by Indonesians. This one-piece is high-quality beef and is called an ideal beef because of its large size.

Last is the tenderloin. These are the most expensive type of beef; smooth, soft and low in fat. We recommend that the tenderloin not be cooked well-done to get a distinctive taste.


2. The right level of doneness

Generally, steak is enjoyed with four choices of the level of doneness: medium-rare, medium, medium-well, and well-done. Medium rare gives the meat a more red color in the middle. The taste of the meat is stronger. Medium is a perfect level of maturity. The inner flesh looks reddish, tender, and juicy. Medium well is the right choice if you want meat that is not too dry. Usually, the inside of the meat will be slightly pinkish brown.

Well done will produce meat that is cooked evenly and drier than other levels of doneness. Meat tends to be dense and less juicy. Kevin suggested, to get the delicacy of the meat, the meat should be cooked with a medium or medium-rare level of doneness

“With this level of doneness, we can feel the texture, fat, and juiciness of the meat. If it is well done it will all be gone. The quality of the meat is already good but it will not be much enjoyable,” he said. There is a simple trick to find out how tender meat is seen from the level of maturity. Enough with the help of hands, you can know what kind of steak you want.

On the left palm, meet the tip of the thumb with the index finger. Press the bottom of the thumb, then you will know how tender meat with a medium-rare level of doneness. What about the other level of doneness? Do the same thing, but bring the thumbs up with the middle finger for the medium, the ring finger for the medium well, and the pinkie for the well done.


3. Pair it with the right drink

In a country of four seasons, steak is usually enjoyed with wine. But for Indonesia, wine might not be the right choice because of the tropical climate.

The founder of Steak Hotel by HOLYCOW!, Wynda Mardio, recommends that you compliment the steak with fruit-flavored tea. “Choose fruity tea. Ice lemon tea would be the right and friendly choice, too,” Wynda said.

Kevin said, in this way, people can find out the quality of meat and its distinctive taste. “This is also the way the Andalusian, Spanish to know the quality of meat,” he added.


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