Womanpreneur Inspiration: Wynda Mardio, Founder of Steak Hotel by HOLYCOW!

Eating and cooking are two things that are interest Wynda Mardio the most, Founder of Steak Hotel by HOLYCOW!. But he never thought that the two things she loved were, in fact, she could manage into a very profitable business.

Wynda founded Steak Hotel by HOLYCOW! in 2008, a new-style steak restaurant that immediately boomed at the beginning of its presence. But before entering the culinary business, Wynda had had a chance to build a long career in the media industry. She once worked in a production house, radio, until finally reaching a top-level position in the television industry.

Wynda’s career was at its peak when Wynda gave birth to her first child. That’s when she began to feel difficulty in balancing time between family and work. She finally resigned from her job at that time. “When I started my desire to stop working, my husband supported me, but at the same time, he also reminded me that I was a person who could not be quite. He was afraid I would get bored if I didn’t do anything, ” Wynda said while visiting Kumparan office some time ago.

Her husband’s words gave Wynda an idea to start a culinary business. From this thought, a typical culinary concept called Steak Hotel by HOLYCOW! was born.

The culinary business created by Wynda is unique and makes its name soar; eat expensive meat steaks in roadside tent stalls at cheap prices.

This unique culinary business certainly does not go smoothly. Wynda has to go through many challenges as a businesswoman. In a warm conversation, an energetic and frank nature, Wynda Mardio shares stories about her journey to build a culinary business.


Had a long career in the media world, then swerved to become a culinary entrepreneur, can you tell us what it was like to make the transition from media workers to culinary entrepreneurs?

Very different, very different. About the culinary problem is not really surprised me, because I like to cook since I was a kid. The difference is very huge, especially if you do not have any experience at all. So I’m not ashamed to ask friends who already opened restaurants. I also had a lot of discussions with vendors, that’s why I always surround myself with good people.

What was your important experience in the previous industry that was useful and you apply it in the course of building a business?

I happened to work as a producer. It works to make something new that didn’t exist before. Now that is very helpful, from budgeting to managing the financial flow. Also, just do it while learning by self-taught.

How do you learn to understand culinary? What do you do?

Everything is self-taught. I have never had a formal education in the culinary field. But since I was 4, I used to go to the kitchen a lot. As a child, I was also often invited to eat outside with parents who also food enthusiasts. In the past, we ate sushi. It’s not like now, sushi used to only exist in hotels. My parents were also taken to Indian restaurants to Japanese. For a 10-year-old kid, my food treasury is quite rich. Likewise, when traveling, we try food everywhere.

I also got knowledge about food from the tabloids. My mother is a subscriber of Nova tabloid, I saw the recipe. Then I also like watching Sisca Soewitomo’s program.

Had experienced challenges and failures yet you and your husband managed to build five culinary brands. Can you share the key to success in building a business?

Try and pray a lot, seriously. Well, what else? Just try as much as possible in the sense that we see what the customer wants, we continue to innovate. Innovation continues and pray.

Then do good with people. From the beginning until now I was helped a lot by unexpected people. Yes, that’s why I don’t want to be mean to people. If that sounds naive, then that’s how it is. I am an open book person, what you see is what you get.

How do you get inspiration to innovate?

That’s a lot. For example, traveling to see and learn from it. Then I eat out a lot, try this and that. Not cheating, but just looking for something inspiring. Like a painter who wants to make a painting, right take a look first. Later, while browsing also what is trending. Usually, I will twist with my recipe. We usually make a new menu maybe about every three to four months, but we often do food tests.

There are certain challenges that you face in running this business?

Business challenges almost every day are always there from small to large scale. Surely it must be resolved. It is important to know the solution, don’t leave it alone, there must be a solution. If in the past, there was the problem we were panicked, but now we have to quickly think of a solution.

Yes, the challenges are various, it happens every day so I’m already numb to face it. Most important is we have to think of the solutions quickly.

What is your principle in leading?

I am a disciplined person and very detail oriented. They (employees) like to panic when there are missing details because I must be angry. I am super clean in every way.

Time discipline. Try meeting with me, if they come in late, I’ll leave. I can be very angry if that happens. I’m really neat. This also applies to employees in the office. It must be cool, neat, happy with how it looks that day to make a good mood. So every day must be neat. I also do it neatly every day. Not that you can’t wear sneakers. The important thing is neat, pleasing to the eye, not too fancy or too much.

Being a mother and entrepreneur, how do you divide your time with your family?

My time is very precious because everything must be taken into account. Like working hours. At 18:00 I was home because I wanted to be with my children. If they go to school in the afternoon, so I can work.

I don’t want to stay long. So what’s the meeting about? What’s the subject? What’s the solution? The meeting will be done in half an hour. If I get a meeting with a vendor, I’ll ask what they bring? I try, I will feedback later. Sometimes we only have a 10 minutes meeting, that’s already it. Well, if I have some spare time, I watch Netflix, cook, play with my kids, shop online, go to a salon. 

Then as a steak restaurant owner, what is your favorite food? Steak?

I like Indonesian food the most like rendang, oxtail soup, fried rice, also chili sauce and fried foods.

Currently, not a few women who dare to start a business in the culinary field. What is your advice for women who want to start a culinary business? Can you share at least 3 tips?

Must consistent. That is the first. Don’t give up easily, there must be a solution to every problem. Second, do business as you like. Just imagine we don’t like it, how do we want to serve people to like it. For example, if I do not like cooking, do not like food, why do I have to create a restaurant? One more, pray a lot.

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